Business Class Tickets

Go Fly First offers the most amazing discounts on Business Class Travel, as much as 70% off published fares on a variety of routes. We have partnered with all major commercial airlines that has enabled us to offer you the lowest rates of airline tickets and make your journey a pleasurable one.

Our team of experts ensures you get the latest information regarding flight availability on your preferred routes and takes complete care of your travel needs. Our people constantly work in a dynamic and ever changing environment to meet all your spontaneous and exclusive travel requirements till before the time of your departure.

Booking a ticket for your business class travel has never been this easy. Our excellent, fast and accurate online booking system helps to streamline your travel both experience and cost wise. With a huge number of airline carriers onboard, our booking system is able to derive the best results and business class airfare discount deals with just a few clicks.

Why Choose Business Class Airfare

Go Fly First has been working with the motto to offer all its clients the best possible airfare discount rates. We ensure the best match for your travel requirements through our detailed online booking system that includes a variety of parameters to help derive the best possible routes for your journey at amazing discounted rates.

Whether it’s a business trip or leisure travel, Go Fly First is your one window solution to find the best last minute deals and discounted business class airfare deals that will make your journey pleasurable and stress free.

How Can You Book Online

Our real time and dynamic booking system offers you fast and reliable results about available flights on your desired travel route. The output depends on various parameters. These include your desired date of travel, destination, budget, number of people seats required, type of travel, etc. The relevancy of results derived through the booking system depends on the number of details you enter into it. Therefore, it is recommended to enter the most appropriate data in order to get the best results i.e. lowest fares, and discounted business class airfares.

Are you looking for rock bottom discounts on business class tickets? Do you have any travel related queries or concerns? Check out our online booking section and enter the details for a FREE QUOTE! Dial 888-221-6550 (USA) or 852-8192-5250 (Hong Kong) today to speak with a travel agent at Go Fly First!


Price: $7254
From: $3922
EB-5 travel arrangements - Taiwan


Price: $4985
From: $3720


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From: $4365