Go Fly First’s Global Business Travel Program provides one of the largest travel networks with flights on top airlines in over 100 countries and territories worldwide. We provide great prices on First and Business Class airfare, last minute travel and leisure outings. A dedicated EB-5 travel partner specializing in services to EB-5 Regional Centers and investors.

As your corporate travel agent, we’ll coordinate travel management for your company – from changing itineraries to last minute travels. Go Fly First has real-time availability onboard all major commercial airlines. You have the flexibility to choose a flight that works best for your corporate travel needs. Travelers have access to International Global Texting miles away assuring communications.

Corporate travel makes up a vital part of Go Fly First’s core customers that we duly serve with ALL their travel needs and requirements. From first class travelers to business class executives, we make arrangements for all our clientele. Every corporation intending on flying has a different need. Some are flying a group of people and are keen on the prospect of corporate deals. Others are taking a select group of people to an important business convention and are looking forward to getting competitive business class tickets. Some company executives are looking for some quick getaways and want last minute airfare deals. At Go Fly First, we deal with all things corporate.

Go Fly First was created to be a complete one-stop travel solution to its corporate customers. We serve both national and international customers and corporations as well as company executives and individuals. When it comes to serving our corporate clients, we have a truly unique, one-of-a-kind system in place namely the Global Business Travel programme. It provides the following features to our corporate clients.

  • Access to one of the largest travel networks in the United States.
  • Detailed information on flights from different top airline carries.
  • Destination routes to cities of more than 100 countries and territories around the world.
  • Simple and straightforward break down of prices for First Class and Business Class airfare.
  • Also includes last minute travel airfare and leisure outings.

These are just some of the salient features of the Global Business Travel Programme. It is just one way to emphasize that Go Fly First is in the business of keepings its corporate clients completely satisfied with their travels.

We mentioned earlier that Go Fly First is a complete one-stop travel agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As our corporate travel agent, we will coordinate travel management for your company. This includes many services from changing itineraries to adding more people to a group at the last minute. International customers flying to different countries will be told beforehand of any visa requirements as well as travel guidelines. We will also arrange to process the passport or visa application provided the country they are attending has a consulate in the United States of America. Our state-of-the-art flight database system provides real time availability on board all major commercial airlines which makes making adjustment a simple and easy task even if done at the very last minute. As a corporate client you will have the flexibility to choose a flight that works best for your travel needs. Our clients also get access to International Global Texting even when miles away to guarantee seamless communication between parties.

Our systems puts the traveler in command and gives him full authority to plan and make changes to their voyage as they see fit. Should they need us to assist them in any matter such as passport renewal or visa information, our team of representatives is on hand to assist in any query.


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