The Evolution of Air Travel

Today, we take air travel for granted. Travelling in air conditioned aircrafts, with kitchens, lavatories, blankets, bunk-beds – and so much more has become the norm. However, take a look back in to the past, and you realize how air travel has evolved in its 100 years of inception.

Decreased Travel Time

One of the biggest advancement in the air travel industry is the decreased travel time from one destination to the other. Over 50 years ago, travelling from England to India took almost a week, with several stopovers. However, today in this year 2014, the achievement of the air travel industry is pretty evident; the travel time has gone down to less than a day – from 1 week to 1 day, the airline industry has evolved to achieve big.

Millions of Travelers

Everyday millions of people fly from one destination to the other in thousands of flights. The number of flights and travelers today is quite astonishing as compared to 100 years ago. In 1914, the first paid commercial flight had one pilot and only passenger. This is what shows the magnitude of achievement and evolution in the airline industry.

Cheaper Flights

Since the first flight till today, air travel has become much cheaper. It is due to the technological advancement in the aviation industry, the availability of wireless internet, complex processes and environments, and developments that airlines have been able to curb costs and transfer the savings to the customers. So much so, airlines are able to offer travelers great last minute deals on first class and business class travel.

Conveniences & Comforts

Today, air travel has become extremely convenient with a huge number of amenities available to travelers at just a click. A big breakthrough has been due to the availability of internet, advanced engineering and so much more. While air travel long ago was an absolute luxury, it has evolved to become more convenient and easy. The fumes and noise from the engine, the frequent turbulence and increasing air pressure control were some problems that are now no more. Today, aircrafts are full of luxurious amenities from bars, showers, beds, personalized meals, a range of inflight entertainment and so much more.

From a week to a day, and noise-free, turbulence free flights, the airline industry has seen major changes. Flight bookings, aircraft safety, passenger comfort and everything from the second you step inside the airport to the second you step out, everything has evolved into a better, refined and classy form with its major backbone being the high-tech engineering and wireless internet.

One thing is for sure – whether you’re travelling first class or coach, you are one of the many lucky travelers who have experienced the comforts and conveniences that airlines offer, unlike those in the past.