First Class Tickets

At Go Fly First, we provide exclusive services for First Class travelers that match their highly dynamic and spontaneous travel requirements. From top class inflight entertainment to an entire luxurious trip for your family, we can give you a complete itinerary within a few clicks. So whether it’s a weekend getaway with your friends, or a long vacation with family, we guarantee to give you the best discounted fares on first class travel.

Go Fly First is your personal concierge that helps you select the perfect travel route for you that best fits your budgets and needs. Our unique online booking system has received much appreciation from all our first class and business class clients. We assure you a pleasurable travel experience with Go Fly First, because we believe in providing you the best and the lowest airfares that fit seamlessly with your travel requirements.

Discounted First Class Airline Tickets

We specialize in offering discounted airline tickets for first class travelers through our amazing travel deals that meet dynamic travel requirements in a defined budget. With our efficient online booking system, we are able to offer travelers airline tickets on competitive rates, which often turn out to be the lowest fares available when compared to our competitors’. The unique system has enabled Go Fly First to offer first class tickets at amazing discounts and desired services to first class and budget travelers.

With a huge array of commercial flights, and a variety of options, it can become quite exhausting to search and select the route that best fits your requirements. Go Fly First, with its exquisite, accurate and up to date online booking system makes it convenient for you to plan your trip effortlessly, on your fingertips. From your desired date and time of travel, lodging, leisure trips and everything in between, we take care of everything and provide you with the lowest fares and discount airfares.

We also offer amazing last minute airfare deals for clients who have to travel urgently or on a short notice. Whether you plan to travel in a day or the same day, you can count on Go Fly First’s unique online booking system to help you select the best airfares on discounted rates. Just enter all the required information on the online portal on our website and get best matched results; fast, accurate and up to date.

Looking for great discounts on first class tickets? Let our team at Go Fly First make your travel experience a pleasurable and smooth one! Use our online booking system to get a FREE QUOTE or call today at 888-221-6550 (USA) or 852-8192-5250 (Hong Kong) for more information.



Price: $7254
From: $3922
EB-5 travel arrangements - Taiwan


Price: $4985
From: $3720


Price: $14741
From: $4365