Last Minute Deals

Specializing in Last Minute Deals with access to real-time availability onboard all major commercial airlines.

Go Fly First offers Last Minute Deals for all its clients to facilitate convenient travelling. We are onboard with all major commercial airlines to provide real time data about the availability of seats. Our smart mechanism has helped us book flights for thousands of people in a more convenient and effective manner.

With high quality and real time data, and efficient staff, booking tickets and finding available seats has become extremely convenient, reliable and speedy.  Our vast database is always up-to-date with available seats, cancellations, and potential availability on all major airlines. We believe in providing the most convenient, affordable and reliable travel experience for all our clients. Our promise is to offer services that will save you time, money and effort.

Why Last Minute Airline Tickets?

Last Minute Deals are extremely beneficial for regular or corporate travelers who travel for business, or those who need to travel at a very short notice. Finding a flight at the eleventh hour with low last minute airfares can be a problem for many travelers. That is why Go Fly First’s Last Minute Deals make travelling convenient, timely and stress free for you.

At Go Fly First, we understand all your travel requirements including your need for affordable and discounted airfares during peak and off seasons. Our efficient database allows us to offer amazing discounts on airfares in situations where there is hardly any chance of seat availability.

We frequently offer last minute deals to help travelers streamline their journey – a seat available on your required flight on your preferred time can organize your journey without any glitches. Consequently, you are able to travel without any troubles and reach your destination on time. At the same time, you are able to save a big chunk on airfare with our last minute airline ticket deals.

Special Arrangements for Business and First Class Travelers

Go Fly First is your true personal concierge that understands all your special travel needs. We cater to all special and diverse needs of Business Class and First Class Travelers to ensure they can be accommodated well in time and on time. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, Go Fly First takes care of all your travel needs and ensures to provide a pleasurable travel experience through last minute discount deals that are accessible, affordable and convenient.

Explore Various Options

With our most up-to-date mechanism, we are able to provide the most current and accurate information related to flight availability, last minute airfares and discounted last minute airfare deals across all major commercial airline carriers. The database allows you to explore the maximum options available in order to meet your individual requirements. We make quick and easy travel arrangements for you so you can relax and have an enjoyable travel experience with no worries or stress.

How to Check Seat Availability?

Browse through our flight booking system, enter the various parameters, choose a carrier of your choice, and select Get Quote. Once you’re done, you will see an entire list of flights with available seats. The efficient and accurate database allows you to get faster results and help you streamline your itinerary.

We have the best last minute airfare deals for all of our clients. Just browse through our flight booking system, enter the data and choose a route that best suits your requirements and desired dates of travel.

Have a query or concern? Feel free to speak with our travel agent at 888-221-6550 (USA) or 852-8192-5250 (Hong Kong).


Price: $7254
From: $3922
EB-5 travel arrangements - Taiwan


Price: $4985
From: $3720


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From: $4365