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With a range of online booking systems striving to provide the best deals for customers to meet the highly dynamic and demanding needs of travelers, an efficient, effective and accurate booking system is required that is reliable.

At Go Fly First, we understand the highly dynamic and ever demanding requirements of the travelers and thus have the most up-to-date information on our unique online booking system to offer discounted airfare on first class and business class tickets.

While business class and first class travelers are fond of luxurious travel and exclusive inflight entertainment; they are mindful of costs too and any low cost fares and discounted airfare deals are sure to catch their eye. It is these travelers who have made our concierge so successful. They regularly use our online booking system that offers real time data about flight and seat availability. This is why, they have been the fortunate ones to find the best discount airfare and save a big chunk of money on their air travel costs that they can better put to use elsewhere.

The exclusive booking system at Go Fly First has allowed thousands of travelers reach their destinations in time with amazing discounts on airfare. The system is customized to give the best possible deals to each of our first and business class travelers.

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At Go Fly First, we provide the best competitive rates on tickets from all major commercial airline carriers. Often times, we are able to beat the competitors’ rates and offer the biggest discount airline tickets.

We have been able to offer the lowest prices because of our amazingly accurate online booking system that spots available flights in real time. The system allows you to find the best flights that fit your desired date and time of travel, and that fits your budget. Also, it provides the most accurate flight schedule i.e. the departure and arrival timings for  you to choose from.

How to Get the BEST Discounted Airline Tickets?

Are you looking for the best discount airfare?! Enter the various parameters in our online booking section (remember: the more parameters you enter, higher are the chances of you getting the best deal). You can go over the schedules and compare flights in terms of various factors such as timings, inflight entertainment, luxuries, meals, etc.

So if you’re planning your next vacation or business trip, choose Go Fly First for the lowest airfares! Have some questions or queries? Contact us today at 888-221-65 50 (USA) or 852-8192 5250 (Hong Kong), our travel agents will be happy to provide you with all the information you need and help you Go Fly First!


Price: $7254
From: $3922
EB-5 travel arrangements - Taiwan


Price: $4985
From: $3720


Price: $14741
From: $4365